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Bee Bio Honey Dew 500 g

BeeBio Honey Dew 500g 10+ Phenolic Content 600mg/Kg

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BeeBio Honey Dew has the highest natural Anti-Oxidant levels of any honey in the world which helps to combat the aging process within the human body. This special honey comes from New Zealand’s Southern Beech Forests which is one of the most natural and pristine places on the planet.

Please note that the product expires on 30th June 2019 - honey will be good for 6 months after opening from 30 June 2019.


Compounds are found to a different extent in honey, depending mostly on the botanical origin of honey. Phenolics are the main class of compounds in honey and honeydew that have in vitro antioxidant activity. It has been reported that total phenolic content may be more useful than the radical-scavenging assay for reporting antioxidant capacity in honey. Darker honeys usually have more phenolic compounds compared with light-coloured honeys. Studies have shown that honeydews show higher phenolic content and antioxidant activity than nectar honeys.

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Other Ingredients

Ingredients: 100% Natural New Zealand Honey Dew, No added sugar or any other additives.

Weight: 500 g

Phenolic content = 600Mg/Kg

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