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Our Team

Tony - CEO

Whilst my background is consulting and corporate, along side of this I have had 20 years working closely with the cosmetic's industry. As the saying goes "we loved BeeBio so much, we bought the company".

Tracy - Customer Services Manager

I have close to 30 years experience in the skincare industry. My passion is the design of natural formulations that work with the skin's natural barrier system to deliver results. I LOVE BeeBio and look forward to growing the range with the latest nature and science technology available.

Kate - Training/ Customer Services

I have a passion for health and fitness. A PE teacher by trade however I am over the moon being involved in BeeBio as for one it works and two it is totally natural.

1 Million Worker Bees

Worker honey bees are the largest population within a colony. Worker bees are entirely female. They forage for pollen and nectar, tend to queens and drones, feed larvae, ventilate the hive, defend the nest and perform other tasks to preserve the survival of the colony.