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7 Reasons to add the Power of Bees to your Skincare #7

BeebIo natural manuka honey skincare sourced from New Zealand

Bees have been used to create beautiful skin for centuries. New Zealand brand, Bee Bio, harnesses the power of natural active Manuka honey, royal jelly and bee venom in higher percentages than any other Manuka honey based anti-ageing brand on the market. The anti-ageing effects are impressive. Here are seven reasons to add BeeBio to your skincare line-up.

#7 These bees are local and talented

The honey produced by New Zealand Manuka Bees is known across the globe for its antibacterial properties and high levels of bioactivity. The bee ingredients in BeeBio skincare are owned and made in New Zealand. New Zealand is the perfect place to raise bees because there is plenty of sun, rain and volcanic soils - and very little pollution. The bees spend all day feeding on the flowers of New Zealand native, the Manuka Bush. The result is high levels of antibacterial properties and bioactivity (and happy bees).

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