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7 Reasons to add the Power of Bees to your Skincare #5

BeeBio  Manuka honey Skincare , antibacterial and rich in bioactivity

Bees have been used to create beautiful skin for centuries. New Zealand brand, Bee Bio, harnesses the power of natural active Manuka honey, royal jelly and bee venom in higher percentages than any other Manuka honey based anti-ageing brand on the market. The anti-ageing effects are impressive. Here are seven reasons to add BeeBio to your skincare line-up.

#5 Active Manuka honey is antibacterial and rich in bioactivity

Confused about Manuka Honey vs Active Manuka Honey?

The key is in the "non-peroxide activity"(NPA) activity.

All honey has a natural mild hydrogen peroxide antiseptic released when the enzyme glucose oxidase produced by the bees as a preservative in the honey comes in contact with moisture in the body.

However, this "peroxide activity" is easily destroyed by exposure to fluids, heat and sunlight. The discovery that Dr. Molan made was that Manuka honey had a different property, what he termed a "non-peroxide activity"(NPA), which was more potent & stable, opening up the possibility of a wide range of uses.

Professor Thomas Henle at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany set out to isolate what it was in Manuka honey that was producing this antibacterial affect. They isolated a compound, methylglyoxal (MGO), as having a direct correlation to the NPA rating of Manuka honey.

Honey with a MGS/UMF rating greater than 12 is rated ‘clinically active’. The Manuka Honey in BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare is highly bio-active and has been certified with a 16+ (> 600 mg/Kg MGO).

Need more? BeeBio’s active Manuka honey is identical, and used in the same percentages, to medical grade Manuka honey used in advanced wound care.

Beebio Manuka Honey Science based grading