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Why We Love New Zealand Pure Bee Venom

Nature is so amazing and provides us with everything we need, including help with looking after our skin. 100% natural New Zealand Pure Bee Venom is used in a number of our skincare products, to deliver excellent results, naturally.

By applying New Zealand Pure Bee Venom, to the skin, it tricks our bodies into thinking we have been stung, (without pain). This triggers increased blood flow to the area being treated, and stimulates the production of the naturally-occurring chemicals collagen and elastin. Collagen works by strengthening our body tissue, while elastin helps the skin to remain tight and firm, bouncing back into shape after being pressed or pinched.

By using bee venom on your skin, you are harnessing the effective properties of a bee sting and turning it into a gentle and effective skin care product. New Zealand Pure Bee Venom not only helps to plump and tighten your skin, but it also helps reduce sun damage, pore size, pigmentation and blemishes, and hydrates the skin. It’s a product ingredient popular with celebrities and people wanting great results for their skin without resorting to using harsh chemicals.

Is it safe for bees though?

Because bees are so amazing we want to make sure we look after them, so rest assured no bees are harmed in the making of your BeeBio skincare products. In fact they are treated like rock stars and given the best environment to live in and thrive off.

The process of extracting the New Zealand Pure Bee Venom is done by placing a glass sheet into the beehive with a very weak electrical current running through it. When bees sit on the glass, the weak current encourages them to stick out their stingers and pump out a small amount of venom, not removing their stingers. This then encourages other bees to follow suit, due to the pheromones that are released. The bees then happily go about their business unharmed.