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Our Promise

Natural Skincare

At BeeBio skincare we are inspired by how clever nature is, and with this in mind we have developed a natural skincare range inspired by the healing and anti-bacterial properties of Active Manuka Honey.

BeeBio skincare is proudly New Zealand owned and made, with all of our key ingredients locally grown. Our ingredients are highly bioactive, meaning they produce an effect in skin tissue.

New Zealand offers plenty of strong sun and plenty of rainfall, volcanic soils and low levels of pollution. The result is New Zealand grown fruit such as kiwifruit and grapes having much higher levels of antioxidants than fruit grown anywhere else in the world. This allows production of fruit extracts with significantly concentrated levels of bioactivity.

Our Active Manuka Honey, Royal Jelly and Bee Venom are from bees feeding on the flowers of the Manuka Bush, which is native to New Zealand. The honey produced by Manuka Bees is world renowned for its antibacterial properties and high levels of bioactivity.

100% Authentic

To ensure our products are safe, we only purchase natural ingredients directly from the most reputable growers/suppliers, sourcing natural products from within New Zealand, where possible. We use natural or naturally derived products where possible, with our manufacturing process designed to preserve the activity of the ingredients.

Our production facility has been approved by the New Zealand Government authorities to produce quality, organic skincare products. This is one of the highest standards achievable in the manufacture of skincare products in the world.

Our products comply with the regulatory requirements for cosmetics as prescribed by New Zealand's Therapeutic Advertising Pre-vetting System (TAPS) and Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Clean Skincare

To us, natural skincare means clean skincare, with effective but uncluttered ingredient lists, free from synthetic ingredients that can be irritants for the skin.

BeeBio formulations are free from and do not contain any of the following:

BeeBio does not use volatile alcoholsBeeBio does not use siliconesBeeBio does not use artificial coloursBeeBio does not use artificial perfumesBeeBio does not use petrochemicalsBeeBio does not use propylene or butylene glycolsBeeBio does not use DEA or MEA ingredientsBeeBio does not use parabens for preservingBeeBio does not use sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, phthalates, propylene glycol 

Endorsed For

Safe for Pregnancy
Paraben Free
New Zealand Natural
Cruelty Free