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Shez Hurn - Victoria, NSW


These products are amazing, I have been using them for a while now, and they are well worth the money, the results speak for themselves, and they a...

Karina - Ashburton


Yesterday afternoon I was received my BeeBio, I was thrilled, so excited could not wait to open my heavenly sent box of joy. I was not disappointed, my eyes opened wide, all was well in the world.

Margo - Apollo Power Yoga - Christchurch


Thanks for the amazing BeeBio creme.  After you mentioned about people coming in to show you their chests, I used it and there was a noticeable difference after just one use - much less crepe-papery!

Flis - New Zealand


My skin feels wonderfully hydrated with this routine and in the extremely harsh Hawkes Bay conditions, this is an achievement! I feel I have finally found a product 100% NZ that actually moisturises!

Alana - New Zealand


I LOVE the BeeBio Bee Venom and Active Manila Honey Face Masque because in 10 minutes I feel like my skin has been totally indulged and is left feeling so soft and hydrated.

Leigh - New Zealand


I am 46 and suffer from rosacea, therefore my skin is very sensitive and prone to dry patches. I love BeeBio active Manuka honey day cream!


Zhuoran - Australia


I can feel my skin was still soft and shiny and what was more is my pimple marks were reduced a little bit, which made me so happy:)

Chinese Testimonial 2

我的皮膚非常敏感、所以選擇護膚品也很小心。當我接觸到BeeBio 產品時、便被它的成份吸引。它包含"Manuka" 蜜糖、蜂皇漿及其他含抗氧化作用的蔬果。Manuka 蜜糖有藥療及消炎作用,所以我毫不猶豫便使用了。我用了一段時間,皮膚沒有不適及乾燥。它的保濕效果很好。臉部的皺紋也沒有那明顯及減...

Lynn - New Zealand

For months now I've had an annoying very itchy red rash /dry skin area on my neck. I've tried everything to get rid of it but nothing so far has worked. Within two days of using BeeBio, it's gone! Completely.

Jan - New Zealand

Use the active honey day creme with SPF 15 great to use every day with or without makeup. take it everywhere and my skin feels moisturized and prot...

Teressa - New Zealand

 LOVE  <3 BeeBio Skincare , best product out and it works  :-) LOVE  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3  <3...

Kate - New Zealand

I love the fact that bees have helped create such beautiful natural products that make my skin feel rejuvenated and fresh each time I use them! Tha...
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