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Treating Rosacea: How a Healthy Lifestyle and Good Skincare Can Help

Rosacea Treatment Tips - Healthy Lifestyle

Rosacea means ‘red as a rose’ and is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the skin on the face, causing reddening and flushing. Flare ups are erratic, meaning that rosacea sufferers have good days and bad days.

Unfortunately, the condition is not fully understood, and what works for one person may not work for another. Largely, we know that rosacea is caused by genetics and blood vessels that are not functioning as they should, which could be due to many different factors.

Once there is a presence of rosacea, there are many triggers that can worsen the condition such as stress, vigorous exercise, diet, alcohol, sun, hot drinks, spicy food, medications and extreme weather.

The healthier and stronger our skin is, the less likely it is to flare up, even if we are prone to rosacea. Plus, a strong barrier will prevent water loss and will allow fewer irritants and chemicals to penetrate the skin and to cause a flare up. In other words, you can avoid chronic dryness and sensitivity, stinging, itching and infections. Sounds good, right?

Apart from strengthening your skin, there are a few other elements to keep in mind, and things to avoid. Rosacea is often aggravated by ingredients in skincare products, but if the skin's barrier is impaired, even water can be irritating. Alcohol, essential oils, exfoliating acids like glycolic, alkaline ingredients such as detergents, laureth sulphate, natural ceramides, alkaline cleansers and benzol peroxide are all ingredients that can aggravate rosacea.

A poor diet also won’t help, while a balanced diets and the right intake of Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids and water will support the development and maintenance of healthy skin barrier function.

Can natural skincare help rosacea?

BeeBio and the NZ Ministry of Science & Innovation have worked together and have proven scientific validation that using Active 16+ Manuka Honey, with NZ Pure Bee Venom and powerful antioxidants, reduced dark age spots and greatly increased skin cell renewal, resulting in stronger, healthier skin.

Our natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are the perfect antidote for rosacea and acne rosacea. Our Active 16+ Manuka Honey combined with other pure ingredients provide a moisturising, protective shield on the skin, which will calm, soothe and reduce dry skin and redness.

BeeBio's natural skincare range does not contain steroids or antibiotics that will compromise the skin's barrier, and do not contain any of the irritating agents listed above that can aggravate rosacea.

BeeBio recommends:

In order to boost and give your skin an initial head start, replace your night cream with BeeBio’s Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Venomenous Masque. Apply a thin layer to face neck and décolleté, and sleep with it on overnight. Remove in the morning with a warm towel compress.