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Eye Cream – Are You Using Too Much?

Eye Cream how much should I use

Every product has an individual role to play in ensuring the health of your skin, so by understanding the essential part that each plays, you can make sure you’re giving your skin the best.

Every product you include in your daily skincare regime serves a unique purpose in supporting the overall health of your skin, and eye creams are no exception. Each Eye Crème in the BeeBio range is individually tailored to provide maximum levels of hydration to the delicate eye area, and the highly concentrated formulas mean you only need apply a very small amount. The team at BeeBio recommend using an amount no larger than the size of a pine nut.

As your eye cream will work in conjunction with your other skincare products, such as moisturisers, applying a large amount will only overload your skin, and reduce the effectiveness of each. 

No matter which eye cream you use, the eye area is extremely delicate, and using too much can also have adverse effect on the area, even leading to sensitivity and irritation of the eyes. Also, using too much eye cream could result in those annoying little bumps called milia, which are formed close to the surface of the skin as the result of excess product build-up. Remembering that sticking to a pine nut-sized amount will help you get the best out of the product, and your skin.