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Summer Retailing Has NEVER Been This Easy!

At Au Natural Skinfood we have a Retail Offering for your Clinic, that really does need a second glance.  Whether you are looking for a NEW quality natural skincare that will not break the bank or just wanting that little value added extra to offer your clients this summer season, we have it all for you.

Having owned retail spaces and beauty clinics ourselves we know how tough it can be out there and certainly every dollar helps. Our dynamic, forward thinking team is here to help, so continue reading and let us know if you have any questions! Click here and request your wholesale account today!

Our offers and products

On The Go Mineral Powder Foundation Brush On with SPF 25 Special

(Every Clients Summer Must Have !!)

Au Natural Skinfood On The Go Mineral Foundation with Sunscreen Retail

Our On The Go Mineral Powder foundation Brush On with SPF 25 is an Innovative New Zealand first, formulated to the latest AUS/NZ sunscreen standards  – SPF in vivo ISO24444. Non- comedogenic, paraben, dye and fragrance free. For everyday use or when recovering from dermatological treatments and plastic surgery. It is comfortable to wear and helps to protect your skin while it’s healingIt is ideal to touch up make up and for protection during outdoor activities. It comes in 3 shades – Light, Medium & Dark.


Retail RRP -  NZD 59.95 (incl gst) each / AUD 52.15 (incl vat) each
Wholesale -   NZD 28.67 (excl gst) each/ AUD 26.09 (excl vat) each
Mark-up     -   NZD 23.46 (45% margin)/ AUD 21.35 (45% margin)

Opening Order Special

  • New Zealand Natural Wood Display Stand.
  • 18 x On The Go Mineral Powder Foundations SPF25 (Light x 6, Medium x 6, Dark x 6).
  • 3 x free tester (1 x Light, 1 x Medium, 1 x Dark).
  • Marketing & Social Media Material.
  • Online Training.
  • Free Shipping.

       Total Special Cost: NZD 516.06 ex gst / AUD 469.62 excl vat

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      Repair - Multi functional Manuka Lip Balm Special

      (The ideal “treat everything” companion for those summer holidays !!)

      Au Natural Skinfood Repair Manuka Lip Balm Retail

      Our unique Multi functional Manuka Lip Balm is formulated with organic beeswax, Active 16+ Manuka Honey and sunflower oil. Thanks to the concentrated active ingredients it can be used on chapped lips, cold sores and can be used as topical agent for healing and repair on insects’ bites, boils, gravel rash, cuts and more. Potentially New Zealand’s first edible lip balm!


      Retail RRP -  NZD19.95 (incl gst) each/ AUD 17.35 (incl vat) each
      Wholesale -   NZD 9.54 (excl gst) each/ AUD 8.68 (excl vat) each
      Mark-up     -   NZD 7.81 (45% margin)/ AUD 7.10 (45% margin) 

      Opening Order Special

      • New Zealand Natural Wood Display Stand.
      • 15 Multi functional Manuka Lip Balms.
      • 1 x tester.
      • Marketing & Social Media Material.
      • Online Training.
      • Free Shipping.

        Total Special Cost: NZD 143.10 ex gst/ AUD 130.2 ex vat

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        Travel Kit Special

        (Perfect for those surprise weekends away!!)

        Au Natural Skinfood Travel Kit Retail

        The kit contains 4 travel-size natural products, suitable for all skin types the perfect summer get away companion and VERY affordable. Enjoy these generous refillable aluminium travel containers providing at least two-weeks supply of :

        Remove- Facial Cleanser (30ml), Prepare- Brightening Lotion (30ml), AM day Serum (15g), PM Night Crème (15g). The Kit also includes a reusable aluminium box, a handy cotton carry bag and a biodegradable spatula. 


        Retail RRP -  NZD 49.95 (incl gst) each/ AUD 43.45 (incl vat) each
        Wholesale -   NZD 23.89 (excl gst) each/ AUD 21.74 (excl vat) each
        Mark-up     -   NZD 19.55 (45% margin)/ AUD 17.79 (45% margin)

        Opening Order Special

        • 6 x Travel Kits.
        • 1 x Tester of each product.
        • Marketing & Social Media Material.
        • Free Shipping .
        • Online Training.
        • 1 x free Travel Kit to use as a prize for a giveaway on your social media channels.

        Total Special Cost: NZD 143.34 ex gst / AUD 130.44 ex vat

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        Dr. Au Concentrates Anti-Ageing Face Oil with Harakeke Seed Oil & Retinol

        Au Natural Skinfood Anti Ageing Face Oil With Retinol and Harakeke Seed Oil Wholesale

        Au Natural Skinfood’s vegan Anti-Ageing Face Oil is rich in New Zealand naturally derived ingredients that moisturise, lift and plump your skin, helping to minimise the signs of ageing. Harakeke seed oil, Moringa oil and Lakesis are only some of the ingredients that will awaken the proteins of youth in your skin, maintaining a healthy living environment for your skin cells, which is the key to a younger-looking and healthy skin. This is a dry oil that absorbs perfectly to leave the skin soft, with no oil residue. It is perfect for oily skins, as it hydrates while neutralising and slowing down the production of sebum.

        Opening Order Special

        • 12 x Face Oils
        • 1 x Tester
        • 2 x Face Oils for promotional use on your social media channels
        • 1x Display & Storage Box
        • Marketing & Social Media Material
        • Free Shipping
        • Online Training

        Total Cost of special: NZD 372.72 (excl. GST) / AUD 335.52 (excl. VAT)

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        Dr. Au Concentrates Superfruit Eye serum

        Dr. Au Concentrates Superfruit Eye Serum Wholesale

        Au Natural Skinfood’s vegan Superfruit Eye Serum has been clinically formulated to help your skin generate a high quantity of new, stronger cells, while taking care of the delicate skin under the eye. Natural New Zealand Avocado Oil, Ribrose, and a selection of berries’ extracts provide an abundance of quality antioxidants, emollients and tonic elements, that keep your skin looking and feeling young and healthy.  

        Opening Order Special

        • 12 x Eye serums
        • 1 x Tester
        • 2 x Eye Serums for promotional use on your social media channels
        • 1x Display & Storage Box
        • Marketing & Social Media Material
        • Free Shipping
        • Online Training

        Total Cost of special: NZD 372.72 (excl. GST) / AUD 335.52 (excl. VAT)

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        As an Au Natural Skinfood Retailer you will receive:

        • High quality New Zealand natural skincare at a competitive price in sustainable packaging.
        • Great margins on your sales.
        • Au Natural Skinfood’s quality products are priced reasonably for an easy value-added sale.
        • Complimentary natural wood display stands.
        • Free testers.
        • Stock available to purchase online – small orders welcome – no stock storage required.
        • Plenty of marketing and social media material ready for you to share online and in your store.
        • Free shipping on your orders. 

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        For any questions please contact the team on or 0800 951 309 (international +64 3595 1309) 

        About Au Natural

        Au Natural Skinfood is quality natural skincare, made easy, that feeds your skin while looking after our planet by eliminating single-use plastic bottles and unnecessary packaging. 

        At Au Natural Skinfood we are inspired by how clever nature is, with this in mind, we have developed a natural skincare range inspired by the healing and anti-bacterial properties of Active 16+ Manuka Honey.  Our promise to our subscribers is that we will continue to put considerable research and development into creating products that are good for us, good for our planet and AFFORDABLE.

        Our Endorsements

        Au Natural is proudly Vegetarian Society certified, cruelty free, pregnancy safe and it is ideal for all skin types. Great results have been delivered to clients with problematic skins, and those recovering from dermatological treatments and plastic surgery.

        Our core philosophy is to strengthen the skin's barrier function and thicken the skin naturally, allowing our skin’s own natural defense system to fight environmental damage.

        Au Natural is not tested on animals, GMO free, non-nano and there's no cross-contamination during production. Our products are manufactured in New Zealand and we source our ingredients from local companies who comply with the international animal-testing regulations and provide certification stating such with every purchase. 


        Au Natural Vegetarian Society Certified   Au Natural Skinfood Cruelty Free Skincare   Au Natural Pregnancy Safe Skincare  Au Natural Skinfood Manuka Honey Skincare 

              Au Natural Skinfood - Jane Goodall Institute    Au Natural Skinfood Vegan Certification


        Here is what two stockists have to say about stocking Au Natural Skinfood :

        As environmentally conscious aware Clinic owners, my partner Robyn and I proudly stock AU Natural Skinfood's, full range.

         This is a first in its class of sustainability and recycled packaging...not only does this product have concentrated, unique ingredients delivering  visible results on skin but it is also passionately disrupting the Beauty Industry by leading the way of the future, eliminating single use plastic bottles and dramatically reducing their foot print. Our clients increasingly demand answers around ingredients and packaging and we find that with Au's endorsements all these questions of authenticity are answered. I personally love the OTG mineral powder SPF25, easy to use for our kiwi active lifestyle. My clients LOVE this product.  I know you won’t regret looking into what this future thinking company represents and your products will walk off the shelf.

        Tania - Embrayce Beauty & MediSpa, Christchurch

         “We have stocked Au Natural for a couple of months in our pharmacy and have very positive feedback from customers. Its such a versatile, affordable skin care that ticks so many boxes – with the 16+ Active Manuka honey factor and other key ingredients its effective for young spotty skins, sensitive skins, and right through to ageing clients who want natural, non-toxic skin care. The Travel Pack sells very well – it’s a good introduction to the range or a well-priced convenient pack for travel. Customers are looking for ways to reduce their footprint and Au provides a sustainable skincare in so many ways. Personally I love their formulations – all have a luxury skin care feel and effect at a price that delivers more than its competitors in a similar price bracket. Au supply loads of digital content for promotion which sits nicely with their huge media support of the product.”

        Liz Dixon - Gilmours Pharmacy, Havelock North


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