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Why Clean Beauty Benefits Your Body

BeeBio clean beauty routine blog image

In our quest for ‘beauty, do we stop and look at the facts, labels, and ingredients before we hand over our credit cards? Our mission is to get people to believe in ‘clean beauty’ as much as they believe in ‘clean eating’, as we absorb up to 60% of everything we put onto our skin.

At BeeBio we curate every skincare product with the objective of strengthening our skin’s natural barrier function, in order to eliminate trans-dermal water loss, and to achieve stronger skin that can fight both environmental damage and common skin disorders. Our ingredients are natural, non-toxic, and designed to work in perfect synergy (unlike synthetic ingredients that can have problematic chemical interactions).

It is our belief that good ingredients make for good skin. Whether you're starting with just a single product or you're looking for a whole new range, it’s never too late to start giving some love to your skin and body!

Here’s how a clean beauty routine helped Sue from Ashburton, NZ

‘Having recently recovered from breast cancer and on-going therapies, I made some changes in my life, including eating raw healthy foods, taking on a new exercise programme and spending more time with family. I met Tracy at a school function, and after talking about BeeBio, I decided to try the full range. Six months later, I am a client for life. My skin feels stronger than it has in 2 years, it feels healthy. The dry, dehydrated, scratchy feeling that I used to have has gone and I feel comfortable going out without any make-up on. I have enjoyed the personal touch that the BeeBio team have shown me, and I highly recommend the product and the company. I love the “Bee” stories and jokes that BeeBio post, and they have encouraged me to plant “Bee” friendly flowers and shrubs in my garden. Thank You BeeBio!’

Thanks for your feedback Sue - we're delighted BeeBio has assisted in your journey back to wellness.

If you have a story to share, please get in touch or leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you.