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7 Reasons to add the Power of Bees to your Skincare #1

BeeBio Natural Advanced Manuka Skincare Bee amazing #1 medical grade science

Bees have been used to create beautiful skin for centuries. New Zealand brand, Bee Bio, harnesses the power of natural active Manuka honey, royal jelly and bee venom in higher percentages than any other Manuka honey based anti-ageing brand on the market. The anti-ageing effects are impressive. Here are seven reasons to add BeeBio to your skincare line-up.

#1 It’s medical grade and scientifically proven

Manuka honey and bee venom have been used for centuries by the ancient civilisations of China, India, Egypt and Greece. Why? Because they have such an amazing healing effect on skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. If these skin woes are an issue, look to BeeBio; it has a higher percentage of all active ingredients compared to other natural Manuka honey based skincare brands. Even better, it’s the only Manuka based brand to prove its ability to actively stimulate skin cell renewal.

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