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Chinese Testimonial

約4年前我開始使用Beebio 抗衰老護膚産品. 因我對此産品所含的成份極具信心, Manuka 蜂蜜,水果精華素和蜂皇漿及採用科技提取蜂毒等,完全純天然. 使用至今,我的皮膚色澤均匀,富彈性. 因它的保濕功用,故皺紋明䜙地减退. 在一系列産品中,我最喜爱的是bee venom mask, 因...

Linda - New Zealand

I'm a great believer in manuka honey and its healing after using it through cancer. Love the healing and anti-bacterial properties of Active Manuka...

Stephanie - New Zealand

I love that they're all natural so I know I'm not putting any nasties on my skin! Plus I love the results of active bee venom!  ❤

Belle - Australia

 Love the work of our little bee friends, in love with your product and your homeland NZ ❤️ 🐝 🐝

Cheryl - New Zealand

They contain natural anti-aging ingredients and I love Beebio's philosophy of providing multi functional products so they're cost effective. NZ own...

George - New Zealand

I love BeeBio Skincare because they make my wife look and so feel much younger and every man loves to have a beautiful wife on his arm.

Lily - New Zealand

I love BeeBio because it has renewed my skin and made me look younger than my age.

Jo - New Zealand

Where to start! I've been using Beebio for a few weeks now adding different products to the regime as I've gone and whow, less redness, less oiline...

Brenda - New Zealand

I love everything about it, it’s very smooth, my skin feels better now than after having a facial and I feel safe knowing that with my fight against melanoma that I can trust a NZ Natural product !!

Frances - Australian Beauty On Budget

I am completely blown away with my skin after 6 weeks of using these products, my skin is smoother, more hydrated