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No Parabens on My Under-Eye, Please!

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The under-eye skin is the thinnest on your face, so it's easy to imagine why  Parabens (which the EU banned in 2014) should not belong there!

BeeBio’s Nectar Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Eye Serum will work hard to reduce lines, enhance elasticity and revitalise cells, in order to make sure that the skin around your eyes is healthy and beautiful. The serum also contains our highest strength of bee venom, specifically designed for application around the eyes, and created for the treatment of wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines, and everything in between.

To work its magic, bee venom causes a very small amount of temporary swelling, which firms the skin, “irons out” the lines, and works on the principle of micro-damage, micro-repair. 

That's the reason why bee venom is often called “Beetox”, nature's answer to Botox!


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