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My Skin. My Age

In your 20’s

Estrogen peaks during your 20s, giving most women their best-ever complexion: luminous, taut, and even-toned. The shift in hormone levels around your period can lead to acne. Throughout the month, estrogen masks the sebum-producing effects of testosterone, but when estrogen dips the week leading up to your period, newly dominant testosterone makes its presence known in the form of breakouts and blemishes.

What it looks like
More oil production, larger pores, and breakouts along the jaw line during your period, even women who have never had a pimple could have early onset of adult acne at this age.

Treat it
As you feel a new spot developing – Spot treat with BeeBio’s Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Bee Venom  Lava Mud Masque. If the issue is larger we recommend using BeeBio’s Active 16+ Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Venomenous Masque as a daily night treatment crème until the jar is complete.  Manuka Honey contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, a proven antiseptic with unique antibacterial properties, coupled with natural hydrating properties, allowing your skin to heal and repair naturally. Your new healthier will help prevent new infections.

Mu Skin At 20