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"Active 16+ Manuka Honey Day Crème SPF15 is a wonderful product which I have been using for past 2 years and find it to be the best product I have used."
Ed C.
eye serum
"it's the best eye serum I've used so far. Thankyou x"
Bronwen P.
Cleaner & Toner Duo Review
"I've been using the cleaner / toner duo for about six months now and so far am loving them! My skin is extra sensitive and tends to break out in a rash with perfumes and synthetic products. I've had no issues with these products. "
Lynn B.
Venomenous & Lava Masque
"Very happy and satisfied with it. Can really see the difference even after just the first application. Complexion is brighter!"
Nancy P.
Creamy Cleanser
"I love this cleanser! It removes makeup easily, especially eye makeup, leaves my skin soft and dewy with no irritation around my eyes whatsoever. Plus the texture and smell are divine!"
Teresa D.
Great value
"These two products complement each other and make my skin glow."
Louise K.
Eye Cream / Bee Venom Masque / Cleanser
"I really enjoy using your products, I like the way they absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling youthful & nourished. I am definitely a fan of the natural active ingredients! The cleanser is really gentle and can be used over the eyes with no irritation - Definite winner! "
Kari C.
This is awesum
"Yes I really like it, its nice and light, and you only need a small dab, it appears to be quite concentrated. "
theresa g.
"I have terrible acne and the texture of my skin has been awful but ever since I've started using this my skin looks so much more hydrated and supple. It hasn't really made a difference to my blemishes yet but some of my scarring is starting to fade and I've only been using this for a couple of weeks! Highly recommend"
Sam N.
Simply the Best!
"I have been using Manuka Honey Day Crème SPF15 for a year or more and absolutely love it! I love the texture and the SPF is a must for any quality moisturiser. I find the moisturising effect lasts throughout the day and my skin never feels dry. It is lovely under makeup or just great on it's own. These products are a must for any one who is serious about skin care and you can rely on the product to perform. I am so pleased I had the chance opportunity to try a sample of these products. I was hooked! Incidentally, I receive a lot of compliments on my complexion."
Elvi V.
eye serum
"I have been using this for 18 months now and am delighted with how it's keeping the aging signs at bay. I work in retail and alot of my customers remark on how firm my eye area looks. I do promote the Eye Serum to anyone who asks. "
Lorraine S.
The best toner I've ever used.
"I absolutely love this toner! My skin has become clear of brown marks which were starting to appear due to menopause. It is truly like a food for your skin. I would recommend this amazing product to everyone plus the company is incredible to deal with. Many thanks for beautiful skin care."
Teresa D.
Fantastic facial cleanser
"I have been using the cleanser for over a year now, my face always feel clean and my blemishes are now few and far between. Thanks BeeBio. "
Manuka Honey Toner
"Excellent, your toner is great for my skin type I will definitely buy again, and i'm loving the free gifts in my purchases, so a big thankyou"
Bronwen P.
Eye serum n eye cream
"I loved the eye serum and eye cream. It help reduced my puffy eyes. I can see visible result immediately after applying on my eyes. I sure to recommend to my friends this eye product's."
Christina C.
Active 16+ Manuka Honey Brightening Toner
"Love this BeeBio toner :) It's scent and feel when applying over your face is so lovely, it's one of my favourite BeeBio products. Thank you BeeBio! Love it!"
Collette S.
Jelly Facial Creme
"Absolutely beautiful & luxuriously soft. It turned my face from dry, rough to lovely beautiful soft skin. Will definitely buy again :) Thank you BeeBio!"
Collette S.
Nector v Neck & Face Serum
"I really like this procuct, it's perfect for my skin type (oily)"
Bronwen P.
Excellent after sales service.
"Love the products. Fantastic results on my skin. "
Madeline L.
Loving it!
"Will definitely order more in future."
Melissa S.
Bee venom serum
"Very effective in writtening "
Lau M.
Mask & Lava mud
"My skin felt wonderful after using these 2 products, silky & smooth Elizabeth"
Elizabeth K.
Beautiful rich taste
"I'm putting this honey on everything! Delish! "
Louise K.
Eye Creme
"This cream reduces puffiness almost instantly for me and I think it's an excellent product"
Melanie S.
Good results from using BeeBio products
"I like the natural contents of BeeBio’s products. The results are as i expected."
Terence T.
Love this skincare line
"My skin feels amazing after using BeeBio! "
Louise K.
Amazing products!!
"Love bee bio - it has hugely improved and changed my skin, especially redness."
Sheena R.
Active 16+ Manuka Honey facial Cleanser
"I love this product 👍"
Leisha V.
Loved it!
"I ordered the eye cream on my first order, I liked that but found it a little thick (I may have been using too much though) but the eye serum was totally AMAZING, loved it! Really in love with such a natural beautiful products! "
Haley M.
Venomenous Masque
"Used this with the mud masque and then applied this, woke up in the morning and my skin felt amazing!!"
Haley M.