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Venomenous Bee Venom Purchase
"I have recently purchased this product and are very happy with the results I am seeing. Fine lines have disappeared around my eyes and it has reduced the puffiness too. I use this product at night after cleaning my face and in the morning before I go to the gym. "
Petra C.
So healing
"Absolutely love this lip balm. It is great for dry and cracked lips but not only. You can use it for burns and abrasions as well. My son is sick and has a rash around his lips so I applied the balm overnight on his face and in the morning it was so much better. Really impressed."
Ruzan F.
Love this product.
Happy skin
"This is a product that you really should not go without, evening skin care is so important, i find this product delightful "
Karina H.
Brightening mist
"This is my favourite product that I use from the whole range, I do not like to bee with out this product, great to use after the gym, also hot gardening days this product is beelishous. :}"
Karina H.
Great Cleanser
"I'm really enjoying using this cleanser, the redness on my face seems to have reduced and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and no tightness at all. "
Gretha A.
Excellent product
"This honey is so tasty. It has unique taste and so good for health. Shipping was fast and customer service is amazing."
Ruzan F.
Dr. Au Face Oil No. 1 with Retinol
"Love this product and it was my go to while on a recent trip overseas. Very easy too apply, lasts for ages and it made my skin look and feel amazing. "
Sarah N.
Natural Product
Amazing cleaner
"It's my 7th one "
Fei M.
Best Cleaner Ever!
"So smooth & soft! "
Fei M.
The best toner ever!!
"This toner is just beautiful, so gentle and natural. Also love the smell, too. My skin feels really nice and healthy now. Happy with this toner <3"
Andrea N.
Nectar V Serum
"An excellent product that does what it says!"
Teresa D.
Daughter loves the night creme
"Excellent with product received in a couple of days"
Adrian V.
Day cream SPF 15
"Absolutely amazing cream . Jas.S"
Jas S.
My 3rd bottles
"This is my 3rd bottles. Like it very much. Feel clean and fresh after using it."
Mei H.
Brightening Mist
"Very positive. It's a great toner. Love the smell, too."
Venus C.
BeeBio Honey Dew
"My daughter loves it as she says it taste better than those she had before."
Meeling L.
Great reliable product
"Enjoyed using the Facial Cleanser. Have been using it for the past 6 months and it has been making my skin look and a feel smoother"
Nicholas P.
Active 16+ Manuka Honey Day Creme
"I have been using this product for a few years now and I love it, my skin feels and looks great"
Heather H.
Love this masque
"Can see results in less than a week. Would definitely purchase again. "
Kartika S.
Great product.
"Can see the results in less than a week. Would buy again. "
Kartika S.
Great product.
"Can see the results in less than a week. Would buy again. "
Kartika S.
Love it!
"Love this mineral powder. Lightweight and natural look. "
Kartika S.
Great product
"Can see the results already in a week."
Kartika S.
Day creme
"I have always enjoyed using the day creme. It's my favourite and a staple in my daily skin care routine. I wouldn't use anything else. "
Elvi V.
Dream Cream
"The have ben using the Bee Bio skincare for a while now and it is the only skincare range I have come across that has dramatically reduced the appearance of the age/sun spots I have developed on the sides of my cheeks and forehead. The products are easily absorbed, smell lovely and the serums are particularly silky... I love the fact the new Au natural range is available on subscription making it affordable without the risk of ever running out. Best of all it is NZ made :)"
Kari C.
"Very easy to use. Good result "
Sharon W.
"Love all the products in the new collection "
Aimee S.
Super Eye Serum
"I have been using this now for over two years, its my favourite and it does work, I can totally recommend using this gorgeous serum."
Lorraine S.