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How is BeeBio different from other Manuka Honey skincare brands?

Striving for perfection and surpassing the highest standards is challenging, but there is no greater satisfaction than producing New Zealand’s finest 100% natural active 16+ manuka honey skin care range.

BeeBio Active 16+ Manuka skin care has a significant point of difference and we should celebrate it and shout about it!

Life is a myriad of choices and the world of beauty and cosmetics is no different. You have to differentiate and separate what is genuine, what is not, and what is just a case of the ‘emperor’s new clothes’? Just because a crème contains Manuka Honey or Bee Venom does not mean it contains enough of the correct Manuka Honey or the right percentages in the correct formulation to be topically effective on your skin

With BeeBio Active 16+ Manuka Honey Skincare our difference is excellence.  Everything we do and every product we create is about being genuinely the best. We use the best and highest quality ingredients and manufacture in New Zealand to the highest world standards. We genuinely believe BeeBio is ‘the best skincare treatment product, to ever touch your skin’.

BeeBio Active 16+ Manuka Honey Skincare was born from more than $25 Million in medical research, scientifically proving the remarkable healing benefits of Active 16+ Active Manuka Honey. The Active 16+ BeeBio Manuka Honey formulation in all products is the same as used in advanced wound care, burn units and surgical trauma centres. Manuka Honey is highly sort after for its unique anti-bacterial properties and ability to stimulate new skin cell production. Our Active 16 + Manuka Honey suppliers in New Zealand are world leaders in the production of Manuka Honey surgical dressings and advanced wound care treatments.

BeeBio Active 16+ Manuka Honey Skincare is spectacularly distinct when we get down to the real essence of the product. We use nothing less than Active 16+ Manuka Honey and we only use the finest NZ Pure Bee Venom, and NZ Pure Royal Jelly, all from NZ hives. We also use powerful natural active botanicals and all our active ingredients come from New Zealand. Our formulas are proprietary, require higher volumes of active 16+ Manuka Honey and Bee Venom, and along with the other key pure actives, have proven independent scientific validation, part funded and supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Science & Innovation.

Put simply, BeeBio Active 16+ Manuka Honey Skincare products are a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant and natural humectant. BeeBio skincare products combine the power of nature with science - no compromise, genuinely effective, delivering results and thickening the skin through efficacy.

BeeBio’s advanced skincare is about the preservation of skin health, youth and enhancing your own personal beauty. Look the best you can at whatever your age.