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Choosing an Eye Creme

With so many eye cremes/serums/cleansers out there in the market place that are making unbelievable claims (eg. complete age defying) to c ... more

13 April 2017,   0 comments ,   tags: Eye Creme, active manuka honey skincare, bee venom

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Antioxidants in Honey

Antioxidants in Honey Prepared by Dr Carolyn Lister, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd The Health Benefits of Anti ... more

29 March 2017,   0 comments

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Venomenous Bee Venom and Fruit Boost Anti-Aging Face Masque

We have an exciting announcement! A brand new face masque is making its debut and is now being launched in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong ... more

5 September 2013,   0 comments

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